Volunteers Welcome for Worship Assistance

Training/orientation for job offered before service.
  Reader – 1st Lesson & Psalm
  Reader – 2nd Lesson
  Prayers of the People
  Chalice Bearer*

* Additional Experience/Training required

Sunday Offering Counters:
The Treasurer appoints and oversees a group of 2 to 4 parishioners who volunteer to account and prepare for deposit the weekly offerings collected at church services. The Treasurer along with the Parish Administrator oversees and assists the Church’s Bookkeeper in preparation of checks for disbursal of church funds and accounting reports. The CDM+ Church Accounting Program is used to track and report all accounting functions associated with the church’s finances.

Chalice Bearing:
Chalice Bearing is a sacramental role in the Holy Eucharist. The role consists, basically, of serving the sacramental wine to the communicants. Other duties includes processing into and out of the sanctuary, lighting the altar candles, and ringing a bell when the celebrant recounts Jesus serving bread and wine during The Last Supper. For those who perform this service, the role is very holy, and they pray that their serving of the sacramental wine is an outreach of love to all the communicants.

Acolyting is similar to Chalice Bearing, but includes holding the Bible during the Gospel reading, and holding the host high before the communicants arrive. As with Chalice Bearing, those who serve sometimes feel an outpouring of Christ’s love when they serve the sacramental wine to the communicants.

Lectoring can be one of the more favourite church duties. Lectoring is not be taken lightly, and the reading should impart teaching and enlightening drama, rather than reading in a monotone as if it were a duty, and not a calling. It is suggested to rehearse the readings well in advance, and give tremendous thought as to how emphasize certain words and phrases, to use silence, and eye contact. In the Prayers of the People, the reader tries to give emphasis to each name, as if they stood apart from the others. Reading can be an expression of love for the congregation.

Order of St. Luke:
The Order of St. Luke is a prayer ministry conducted by people who have undergone an 8 week course on healing through mutual prayer. Typically, the ministry is done after a church service, when people can come to a St. Luke minister to pray about their wounds, physical, spiritual, and otherwise. In many ways, St. Luke ministers are peacemakers. Dale Bruno wrote, “Peacemakers complete broken circles, and heal broken relationships. Peace is not just the absence of warfare; it is the presence of welfare.”

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