What we do with what we are given – this is the fundamental principal of St. Timothy’s stewardship. From caring for individual members of our congregation in their many ways of need to caring for our community through our outreach programs, and from caring for our natural resources to caring for the physical building in which we worship, the members of St. Timothy’s generously support our stewardship with time, talent and treasure.

Each year, like many Episcopal churches within the diocese, we conduct our annual stewardship renewal. During this four-week period, we reflect on God’s generosity in our own lives and, as part of our annual pledge campaign, we pledge our financial support to St. Timothy’s for the next calendar year. In the past, our stewardship renewal has included speakers from our congregation, who speak briefly during the worship service about what St. Timothy’s means to each of them. The different perspectives from our varied members provide a well rounded view of the work and the impact of St. Timothy’s on individuals and our congregation and community as a whole.

There are many ways to be involved in stewardship at St. Timothy’s – each of our ministries makes up our stewardship. Our annual stewardship renewal and pledge campaign generally occur in the fall – please contact a vestry member or look for announcements in our bulletin if you would like to invest your time and talent as part of our stewardship committee.

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