Order of St. Luke

The International Order of St. Luke the Physician (OSL) is made up of clergy, health professionals, and lay people who believe healing is an essential part of the teaching and practice of our Lord Jesus Christ and that the healing ministry of Christ belongs in the Church today. It is an interdenominational Christian order of faith, prayer, and service. The order believes that God uses many avenues for healing Рsome spiritual and some medical Рand that they should be supportive of one another.

The order seeks to restore the apostolic practice of healing as taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ; promote the practice of holding healing services and extended healing ministry in every congregation; develop local chapters that will promote healing seminars, workshops, and prayer groups in their areas; teach Christians how to pray for healing of themselves and others; and encourage a sound pastoral and counseling ministry. It purposes to do this in and through the established churches and in cooperation with the health professionals when their gifts and talents are needed and can be utilized.

Written by Bill White, Longview, Texas

Teams from the Order of St. Luke are available for prayer after every worship service. In addition, the service Wednesday evening at 6:15 emphasizes healing. Please contact the church office at (858-538-1267) if you are interested in joining the order.

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