What is a Flower Guild?
The mission of the St. Timothy’s Flower Guild is to enhance the worship service and to glorify God with thanksgiving by sharing His bounty of beautiful flowers to adorn the sanctuary.

St. Timothy’s Flower Guild was founded in 1984; when as a mission, church services were held in a multipurpose room at a local elementary school. From Los Penasquitos Elementary School to what is now a parish hall to our present sanctuary, we honor God’s glory that has been found in each of these places of worship.

Flowers are a special offering to God and to the St. Timothy’s community. Each week the members of the Flower Guild offer up our own gifts by lovingly decorating the church. A member of the team brings the beauty of God’s bounty to our worship space. The guild members are responsible for purchasing and arranging altar flowers for Sunday Services, weddings, funerals, Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas. The team serves on a weekly rotation throughout the year. A schedule is made up quarterly. There is flexibility, however, in making changes when a member is not able to arrange the flowers at a scheduled time.

Flowers are funded by donations and a small budget. Donations are received from parishioners to sponsor flowers for any given Sunday throughout the year (if you sponsor flowers during Lent, it will be acknowledged in the Sunday bulletin after Easter).

Sponsoring altar flowers is a beautiful way to honor loved ones marking special life events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baptism, confirmation, memory of a loved one, or a thanksgiving for life’s blessings. The requested donation for sponsoring altar flowers is $35 per family/individual. Contact the St. Timothy’s Administrator to sign up or complete the signup sheet in the Narthex.

Flower Guild Needs You!
Want to join a most creative and fun ministry at St. Timothy’s? We welcome new members! No arranging experience needed, just a love of flowers and the desire to create! Our team is enthusiastic, supportive and committed to enhancing the St. Timothy’s worship experience through the beauty of God’s nature. Please contact Marguerite Herrick, Trudy Jenzer or Stephanie Frodsham, co-chairs, to find out more about becoming a part of this important, fulfilling ministry!

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