Purpose of the Community Garden:
St. Timothy’s Community Garden is a facility that will be used to teach children and families about growing fresh vegetables. St. Timothy’s Church, in cooperation with a team of volunteers, will construct 8-foot by 4-foot raised garden beds for planting of vegetables. Once planted, the Community Garden will be maintained by the Community Gardener. Roma Weaver is the Project Coordinator- contact her for plot rentals responsible for garden planning. Sam Herrick is our Head Farmer- responsible for garden maintenance and church plot. Our garden committee includes members of St. Timothy’s congregation, Master Gardeners, and others interested in the garden.

This year our garden was able to provide a variety of benefits for our church and community. Veggies were given out to church members throughout the growing season. Pumpkins were donated to the Discovery Isle Preschool during the Halloween Season. Produce will belong to the Community Gardener, except 10% of the produce will be donated to the San Diego Food Bank. One plot has been donated to be used for the flower guild for growing our own flowers for the church. Trees were planted by our local Boy Scouts Troop and the irrigation system for the trees were completed. This project allowed our Scouts to complete their Eagle Scout project and provided our garden the help with our trees. We are always looking for volunteers, and we have an annual fundraiser with our favorite Chef Elizabeth. Our goals include providing 30 plots for our community and a Food Forest consisting of fruit trees that will provide free food for those in need.

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