St. Timothy’s Music Ministry

The music ministry aims to allow all church members to express their shared love of God. The music encompasses all forms of spiritual expression: devotional hymns, anthems of justice, songs of spiritual trial, African American gospel, contemporary music. We sing praise, doubt, joy, longing. Ours is a heart-filled and intimate repertoire.

There are three important goals for the music ministry:
  To support and enhance the readings and sermon, and the meaning of the holy days.
  To motivate attendance and grow the church through professionally presenting a variety of musical styles.
  To provide musical growth opportunities for congregants of all ages.

In 2016 we focused on engaging the congregation during services. Towards this end we have formed a Praise Team. The praise team, led by Jessica Bentley, Chris Sandoval, Sam Herrick, the indomitable Ed Embick and Jim Guerin, will teach and lead the congregation to learn new music by using a time in service after Communion.

Musical Director: The principal role of the Musical Director is to select repertoire and direct the choir and praise team so that the congregation is united in singing while participating in service. This person advocates for repertoire that encompasses everyone’s spiritual experience. At St. Timothy’s we have a musical democracy, with all participating in making choices and even arranging the music.

We have a particular interest in creating a vital music experience. The important spiritual element of music is how deeply we feel it when we participate. We advocate that each person’s spirituality has a place, and that we sing with and not for the congregation. In addition, to meet the goal of nurturing talent, the Musical Director has sponsored soloists from within our congregation not just for services but even at nightclubs.

Music Performance: The performing core at St. Timothy’s consists of an average of 8 voices per service with two guitars and a piano. For Christmas and Easter we usually attract a full choir for the holiday services. We look forward to greater development of our youth in musical performance at church, for example at Christmas last year the children led the congregation in a rendition of Silent Night.

Helping the Music Ministry: Volunteers are needed always. The greatest help is to participate as a singer or instrumentalist, or recommend friends to participate. But there are other ways to participate and support the music ministry:
  Help “behind the scenes” with scheduling or by organizing and copying music. This type of support benefits the entire music program by freeing up the director’s and choir members’ time and energy for preparation and performance.
  Video tape our music in action for posting on the church website.
  If you are a parent, play our music for your children, so they can feel part of the service. Email our Music Director Jim Guerin using the form below for ideas.

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