St. Timothy’s hosts Socratic Cafe from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The readings are meant to jump-start our own thinking on a topic and to get us to philosophize with each other. We have goodies, wine, and good cheer. Anyone can join who is interested in thinking about thinking.

The current book is “The Argument Culture-moving from debate to dialogue,” by Deborah Tannen.  We will be discussing chapter 5.

This groundbreaking book examines of the way we communicate – in public, in the media, in politics, in our courtrooms and classrooms – letting us see in a new way forces that are powerfully shaping our lives. We live in a pervasive warlike atmosphere that makes us approach anything we need to accomplish as a fight between two opposing sides – urging us to regard the world in an adversarial frame of mind. Tannen explores the roots of this argument culture, the role played by gender, and how other cultures suggest alternative ways to negotiate disagreement and mediate conflicts so that we, as a society, can find constructive and creative ways of resolving disputes and differences.