Bible Study

Our Bible study groups meet the first Saturday of every month from 10-11 a.m. We provide bagels, coffee tea and a great welcome to all!

In our Men’s Bible Study we have read many theological, philosophical and psychological books that help us understand our faith and our humanity. We have studied mythology and anthropology that address men’s issues as they play a major role in understanding our place in family, church, society and world. We have read biblical books, prophetic writings, history, poetry and are seeking to find our own voice so we can express our faith authentically. Our discussions are lively, challenging, serious and fun. We share laughter, a deep spirit of inquiry and we learn so much from each other. No idea or opinion is left out of our discussion and our group welcomes and includes men of all ages. Come and join this fun and interesting group of men.
The monthly Women’s Bible study also reads books of religious importance that help understand our place in the world. This group is open to women of all ages, and food and drink are provided. Feel free to join us and find out the most recent book that we are reading and discussing.