Adult Education

Our Adult Education Program consists of various studies: we have already studied different bible books, themes and characters. We have studied the entire bible from a thematic perspective and we have just finished reading a wonderful book, “From Age-ing to Sage-ing” which looks at the process of aging but with a positive focus on the wisdom, skills, strength and abilities the elders have achieved through in their lives. The book has in particular lifted up the many talents our elder folks have developed and discusses ways to encourage younger persons who can use their support, making contributions to our society, culture and world. Sages can take positions on how to protect our earth, say important things about issues of justice and peace, advocate health issues and teach ways to grow old healthy.

Adult education is a time for study but also for fellowship and discussions about issues that are relevant and meaningful to us. We have coffee and light snacks as we discuss our readings. We encourage everyone to join our group and experience the support of a loving community of learners where laughter is genuine and questions are honest.

Adult Education usually meets on Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:00 p.m.  Come join us!