About St. Timothy’s

We do not know how you found us. We do not know your background, your interests, your race or your religious or denominational preference. We do know, however, that the Spirit of God can touch and inspire us, even through the electronic pathways of the internet. We also know that you are loved, sought after, and cared for by a loving God who can and will change your life for good if you let him. Maybe you are just browsing, perhaps you will move onto the next site and will decide this one is not for you. Perhaps, though, electronically crossing paths with St. Timothy’s coincides with a spiritual crossroads as well. Maybe you are looking for more from life. Either way, you are welcome here. We believe the Spirit of God can and will do infinitely more in our lives then we can either ask or imagine.

St. Timothy’s is a church open to the Spirit of God expressed in the rich diversity of people and issues, where our main concern is, ‘how do we remain faithful to God and to who you are?’ We worship together and we experience the strength of a loving, committed community that is here to support you. We offer many opportunities for learning, group activities, worship, fellowship and time for reflection and meditation. It has been said that “St. Timothy’s offers a breath of fresh air”. We hope you will visit us and experience the community feeling.